The traditional Fiero di Sant di Vinadio

The Fiero di Sant, whose first edition dates back to the second half of the 19th century, is held every year in autumn, on the last Sunday in October, in the evocative bastions of Vinadio’s Forte Albertino with the presence of shepherds and Sambucana sheep, surrounded by thousands of visitors from both Italy and neighbouring France. Until the mid-1980s, the ancient Fair was held on the Day of the Dead and was an important moment for the marketing of snails, potatoes, cattle and especially sheep, which arrived on foot from all over the Valley, travelling the night before. The exhibition of the Sambucana sheep breed, which became part of the Fair in 1986, is a useful moment for breeders to compare animals and assess the state of selection achieved. More than 30 breeders participate in the exhibition, with over 300 animals on display. The owners of the best sheep receive the coveted bells with the traditional wooden collar.  

The day of the Fair is also worth visiting for its traditional gastronomic feature, where Sambucana lamb, rigorously branded ‘Escaroun‘ takes pride of place in the town’s restaurants.