TransHUMANce is an artist’s residency that aims to continue the process of enhancing the cross-border culture linked to transhumance, initiated by the Eco-museum of Shepherding in the Stura Valley, through a different point of view: that of artistic interpretation and the creation of site-specific works of art, which are the result of permanence and study on the territory and interaction with its community.

The project aims to preserve the memory of the shepherds of the Stura Valley who emigrated to France and to give voice and value to the herdsmen’s stories of yesterday and today. And by doing so, involving the local communities in a process of enhancement of Alpine heritage and the cultural and artistic value of craftsmanship.

TransHUMANce is a project of the Eco-museum of Shepherding and Noau – Cultural Workshop, financed by the Fondazione CRC in the framework of the notice ‘Residenze d’Artista’.