One of the avant-garde aspects of the Eco-museum is its link with research. In order to respect its nature as an evolving and never static institution, it continues to be powered by the most recent studies carried out in the Alpine region on both pastoralism and local culture. The Eco-museum has become a reference point for researchers, since it feeds their scientific activity and enhances the results of their investigations. On this basis, it is itself a driving force for research: thanks to the temporary exhibitions held every year in Pontebernardo and thanks to the archive research carried out by a group of volunteers living in the valley and coordinated by a local history expert. In this respect, the Eco-museum of Shepherding is an instrument for involving the local population in a participatory project.

The publications ‘Draios e viol’, logbooks of the historical research groups of the Stura, Grana and Maira valleys, which you can find at the Eco-museum, were born from this perspective.