[Over]crossing the border

The project Over crossing the border originates from the exhibition [OVER]CROSSING THE FRONTIERS exhibited at the Eco-museum of Shepherding of Pontebernardo (Pietraporzio, CN) in the summer of 2020. The exhibition, which brings together a series of shots by the Cuneo photographer Luca Prestia, was moved and inaugurated in the Borgata Paraloup of Rittana on 2nd June 2021. It was the starting point for an itinerant festival, which, spreading throughout the Stura Valley, talked about mountains and natural heritage, borders and natural frontiers, the history and identity of the mountains and the Stura Valley, which have always been places of transit and exchange and therefore of cultural ferment. These themes were addressed through film screenings, musical excursions and illustrated walks, meetings and dialogues between historians, sociologists, anthropologists and journalists. The theme of borders was thus split into the present, in the past and in the future, in different contemporary languages.