The Festo dou Tarluc

The Festo dou Tarluc is one of the first actions promoted since the birth of the Eco-museum. The term tarluc in langue d’oc indicates the phenomenon whereby, from November to February, in the Upper Stura Valley, the sun rises in the morning, disappears behind the peak of Mount Ubac, and then reappears in the afternoon: in this period the Upper Valley has, so to speak, two suns! The Festo dou Tarluc is a festival celebrated in the heart of winter, a season that has always been experienced by the Alpine peoples with mixed feelings. Winter is seen either as an enemy to be reckoned with or as a friend who creates a synergy between man and his fellows and between man and his animals. It is a time of silence and patience, but also of gossip, stories, laughter by candlelight in the stables heated by the animals themselves. The sun is perceived as an element with strong ideological connotations such as being seen more as light than heat. 

The festival traditionally takes place in the days between the end of the year and the new year, and is intended to be a characteristic moment in which it is possible to experience the Eco-museum at 360 degrees.